“Other modes of transport may modernise and morph into driverless or futuristic high-speed versions of their former selves, but there remains something resolutely and romantically 19th century about the tram – even the modern ones.
So with a universal fondness and nostalgia attached to the concept as a starting point, Italian designer Cristina Celestino’s main project for Salone del Mobile was bound take off – albeit on rails.”
Bethan Ryder, WallPaper

“Il mezzo di trasporto simbolo della città di Milano viene qui rivisitato in chiave contemporanea e diventa la sublime sintesi della della ricerca estetica di Cristina Celestino, fatta di materiali preziosi e richiami al passato, intuizioni contemporanee e uno spirito ironico e visionario”.
Eugenia Murialdo, Elle Decor Italia

“Prossima fermata Fuorisalone. Tram Corallo è una delle installazioni più ‘chiacchierate’ dell’imminente design week 2018 e siamo sicuri che sarà una delle mete più gettonate per i selfiedegli instagrammer.
Si tratta dello storico tram milanese 1928 che per l’occasione è stato riletto in chiave contemporanea dal segno bon ton della designer Cristina Celestino, con la sua visione estetica delicata, emozionale ed evocativa.”

Luca Trombetta, Living Corriere della Sera

“Italian designer and architect Cristina Celestino transformed a 1928 trolley car into a chic ride for attendees of Milan’s 57th annual Salone del Mobile.”
Sarah Medford, The Wall Street Journal

“Not a secret location at all, this was a real a historic tram from 1928 running thought Brera District, but accessible only by booking.
It was one of the most unconventional location I’ve ever experience and also a useful sitting break between hundreds of places to visit. Cristina Celestino is a very well know name by now in design field, so much that she was a Design District Ambassador.
Her project was inspired by the theme of the journey, theaters and cinemas, and realized with unique partners as well as important brands that stand for their Italian excellence and craftsmanship.”

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The itinerary

Here’s the route of the Corallo tram across the Brera district. You can get on or off at any stop. The full trip takes approximately 20 minutes.

Every day, from about 5.00 pm to 5.30 pm, the tram will remain at the stop at piazza Castello 2 (terminus) and ready to welcome visitors.

Brera Design District
piazza Castello, 2
via Cusani, 4
Cairoli M1